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Safety Save Lives

Here at Myles Ahead Child Care we are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and exceptional learning experience. Safety comes first! We value you and we are most interested in the growth of your child. We teach children the importance in making smart choices and that they have a level of responsible in helping to keep themselves safe. We teach not to talk to strangers and for parents not to visible write their child's name on book bags are personal items. Unfortunately we live in a world where children aren't safe. Its our responsibility to assure that our child are safe and well educated. Our Child Care program is supported by and promotes the quality standards of ARCHS' @ ARCHS' Educare provides support, resources, and educational opportunities to home-based child care providers. ARCHS' Educare currently serves more than 90 child care programs in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. I am C.P.R. certified. I am cleared by Family Care Safety Registry which is apart of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services that requires extensive background screening to assure that you are qualified to work with children and elderly. I am current on all required immunization to interact with young children. I am a mother of three and I totally understand how you feel when you leave your child with someone other than yourself. I, Adrienne vow to protect, educate, care for, inspire, love and nurture every child that you entrust in my care!