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Affordable Rates

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Payment for Child Care

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Affordable Rates in a Nurturing and Loving Environment

Ecclesiastes 10:19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry: but money answers all things. Money is essential in the survival of mankind. We are taught early in life to get a good education to assure that we get a nice job that will enable us to make enough money to effectively support our families and care for their basic needs. I chose this career because I love children and I love watching them learn and grow as their minds grasp concepts. I also love assisting families and giving back. I hope you will allow us to provide you and your family with the affordable quality care that you deserve.

Family is important! I know you are concerned about making sure your child is in a safe environment as well as not spending a fortunate in doing so. I am doing what I do to support my family but I'm not trying to place you in a financial hardship to do that. I am wiling to work with my families to assist them is obtaining quality childcare @ affordable prices. We accept State approved assistance. Welcome to our family!

  • mon·ey
  • [ mĂșnnee ]
  • medium of exchange: a medium of exchange issued by a government or other public authority in the form of coins of gold, silver, or other metal, or paper bills, used as the measure of the value of goods and services
  • denomination: a form or denomination of coin or paper money
  • somebody's coins and bills: the amount of coins and bills in somebody's possession